Message from our director

“Our global strategy is to make a value-driven impact with our investments in the healthcare sector. Our growth plan is structured and focused on investing in the full value chain of the healthcare sector as it accelerates and transforms, from healthcare-related manufacturing to healthcare digital transformation, and all the way to healthcare community education and training that cover the Middle East and Africa.”

– Managing Director

History And Future

With the resounding success of ADI Medical Services LLC and the resulting social impact from the injection of our work into Egypt’s medical and healthcare sector, we are in the progress of further expanding our coverage into the wide range of Africa by expanding our partnerships and network.


MEDIN Investments PJSC


ADI Medical Services LLC


Expanding into Africa


ADI Medical Services has a great history of handling projects in the healthcare industry to help improve the patient’s experience and the quality of healthcare service offered by institutions in the market.

Core Functions

Human Resource

The HR team is responsible for sourcing, attracting, and hiring top talent to fill open positions within the company as well as for ensuring they receive proper training and orientation to their new role and the organization.


Our highly qualified engineers are available to support customers with technical support when needed, including supplying spare parts, backup equipment, and periodic preventative maintenance.

Operations and logistics

The operation team is dedicated to keeping the company running smoothly through strategic planning, organizing, supervising internal processes, and managing daily operations that influence the client’s experience.


The team works on transforming data into insights to improve business decisions and identify weaknesses in existing processes which contributes to the continuous.

Regulatory and Quality Assurance

Our team is always up-to-date about the latest regulations and guidelines, such as EDA, GMP, ISO, GAHAR, and others, while keeping track of any new regulations or changes in existing regulations.

Marketing and Communication

The marketing and communication function is essential for promoting our equipment and services as well as maintaining effective communication with.

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